Thursday, April 28, 2011

Virat Kohli Inagaurates Leverage Bowling Machines at West Delhi cricket Academy

ViratKohli, an upcoming talent in Indian cricket has been invited by his childhood coach Raj kumar Sharma to Inaugurate Leverage cricket bowling machine at West Delhi Cricket Academy Delhi Today.

Despite his busy schedule in IPL Virat has made to the event and encouraged youngsters

West Delhi Cricket Academy which is one of the successful cricket academies in Delhi has produced ViratKohli. In the process of providing advanced cricket coaching Cricket Coach Raj Kumar Sharma has introduced Leverage Bowling Machine today.

About West Delhi Cricket Academy

Established in the year 1998, the west delhi cricket academy was founded by Mr. Raj kumarsharma(Former Delhi Ranji Trophy Cricketer and N.C.A level-B Coach) with the mission to produce top quality cricketers for indian cricket team. Over the past few years, our academy has been producing some of the top notch cricketers the likes of which include ViratKohli!!

About Leverage Bowling Machines

LEVERAGE is the INDIA’s only manufacturer to produce a range of bowling machines. It has been successful to produce bowling machines which can simulate a real time bowler. Apart from excellent spped, swing and spin variations Leverage Machines has Unique feature to produce random change in line and length Players can visit for further details